Rental Information

The Chicago Summer Resort Company (also known as The Chicago Club) is a 31-cottage association located on approximately 40 acres within the City of Charlevoix, Michigan and fronting on two lakes. Founded in 1881, the campus features beautiful grounds, four tennis courts, and a century-old clubhouse with a living room, dining room, and library. During season, dinner is served in our dining room on Sunday evenings and on occasional Saturdays. Members and renters enjoy a seven-acre scenic reserve island with walking trails, and a beachfront on Lake Charlevoix that includes a swimming dock, seasonal boat docks, a cabana and other beach facilities, with a lifeguard on duty. Occasional recreational programs for children aged 3-10 are provided. Periodically, cottage owners offer their homes for rent. A limited number of summer memberships are available. If interested, contact Rick Golding.